Breed Festival 2022

Your pet can find their BFF (Best Furry friend)

Lockdown across the country has produced a new word ‘Pandemic babies’, which applies to pets too! Many became pet parents during the pandemic. Having a pet is a responsibility and a joy, similar to having a child. However, staying indoors may have caused your new furry family member to have no friends in contact. Breed Festivals are organized to get Pets to become more social.

Our passion towards pets has brought about Thane Pet Fest and multiple other events, similarly with the launch of our new Biggest Pet Store, we have organized Breed Festivals, your chance to meet up with other pet parents who share the same breed of pets; share experiences, tips and your stories, socialize with other Pet Parents & Pets and join in the fun games to make some furrever memories at Dog’s World India.

Here’s the list of Breed Festivals to date