Camping with Pets

Every dog lover or dog owner will agree that dogs aren’t just pets, they mean family. A family member with whom you share an unexplainable emotional bond and without realizing, our routine, or infact, our whole lives totally revolve around their comfort. Think about it, how many times have you cancelled an outing thinking, “I can’t leave my paw-kid alone at home” or many be “I am not sure if my pooch would be comfortable in a pet-boarding facility.” We are sure, you would love going out if your tail-wagging kiddos could also join in right? After all, our woofies too need change in the environment sometimes. As pawrents, surely you must have thought of taking your pooches outdoors to explore places or indulge them in off-leash physical and mental activities like running, swimming, playing, hoping, jumping, kayaking, fast-food munching and more? You must have scrolled through mobile or laptop screens in the quest of finding ‘that’ perfect gateway only to find none. Well, we at Dogs World understand that it’s not easy to find a perfect pet-friendly outdoor location to unwind and spend time with your poodle dearest and that’s after a lot of research and reckon we organized a trip at “Campistaan”, a wonderful pet-friendly campsite by the lake.

This camp was organized with a view to let our paw-kids have fun. Hence, there were a lot of pet-indulged activities like kayaking with your pet, swimming, open ground to wander and more. Since Campistaan is located in the midst of nature, the little tail-wagers enjoyed themselves running around off-leash at the campsite. They along with their pawrents even got an opportunity to interact with their fellow mates. That’s not all, we even enjoyed camping in the tents by the lake and our fur-kids were delighted as they spent the night in an open space beneath twinkling starry lights. It was such a boon watching them have a wonderful time. Team Dogs World promises to organize more such events where our kiddos can have a great time and we as pawrents also can have a place to travel along with them.