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Dog’s World India, from its first day, has been dedicated to providing top-notch grooming services in our spa section, now expanded into two separate spaces for small and large dogs. Our commitment to hygiene, ample space, and the overall health and wellness of your pet remains our priority, with experienced groomers on hand to ensure a great experience and to alert pet parents of any health concerns.


Comprehensive Spa and Grooming Services at Dog's World India

The Spa Service Includes
The Grooming Service includes
Speciality Services

Dogs World India Packages

Basic Spa

This covers shampoo, conditioning, cutting the nails, underpaw care, cleaning the ears and brushing the teeth.

Deluxe Spa

Pet Parents can choose shampoos and conditioners that have a specific effect on your pets coat health. We have shampoos that can restore colour, remove stains, ensure that colour will be maintained

Luxury Spa

This service includes all services covered in Deluxe spa as well as De-greasing, dematting etc

Our team of experts

An Unparalleled Spa Ambiance for Your Pet's Comfort

our Trained Groomers

At Dog's World India, our groomers are not only well-versed in pet care, but also carry a heartfelt passion for ensuring your pets comfort and happiness


Dog's World India provides a nurturing ambiance, thoughtfully designed to cater to the comfort and happiness of your pet in a safe, pet-friendly environment.

our Clients trust us

Hrishi Kulkarni

Happy Customer

“I visited this place yesterday with my Golden retriever. The Spa was Fabulous. I saw very good results in his coat.We shall see you soon again.😊”

yatin patil

Happy Customer

“Superb shop! I love grooming services.. its neat and clean. They have wide range of products and toys.”

Kshama Salian

Happy Customer

“Went there for my dogs spa. My girl loved it. Staff was awesome. U get good clothes for your pets. Basically one-stop solution for all pet needs!”

Pamper your baby

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Let’s book their grooming appointment together and embark on this journey towards exceptional pet care.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The spa service typically takes 1 – 1.5 hours and entire grooming including haircut takes 1.5 – 2 hours to complete. 

It is mandatory to have a vaccination certificate of the pet. You should inform the groomer if the dog has any allergies/conditions.

Yes, Dog’s World India has an air-conditioned waiting area. You can look at the grooming of your pet from outside the grooming section

Basic grooming is recommended every 15 days.

Pet Parents can choose shampoos that have specific purpose, like colour correcting, shed control