Thane Pet Fest

Our Signature event, Thane Pet Fest!

Held once a year, Thane Pet Fest is an initiative by Dog’s World India to create an extraordinary gathering of all Pet Parents & Pet Lovers, along with their furry buddies. Thane Pet Fest aims to be the grounds upon which Pet Parents meet up and share experiences that will help each other in the upbringing of their pets.

For our furry loved ones, having healthy interactions helps to keep a positive attitude and increases their confidence. Thane Pet Fest offers Pet Parents the opportunity to build connections with other Pet Parents & Pets have the opportunity to make friends in a large social setting. A leash free play zone, with separate sections for cats & dogs to enjoy. Birds and fishes also receive attention at the event with their own separate sections to behold. The grand occasion witnesses 5000+ pet lovers and around 500 pets.

Dog’s World India believes in working closely with social causes, each occasion of Thane Pet Fest brings together social workers & animal welfare organizations, offering them a platform to amplify their noble work & awarding them for their sacrifices for our furry companions.
The event invites nutritionists, doctors, behaviorists and trainers with whom pet parents can interact with and receive guidance from. The event has stalls dedicated to various pet products where sellers are directly connected to their target audience and pet lovers get to know more about products that help in the upbringing of their pet.

Some Notable highlights of Thane Pet Fest are:

Adoption Stall

Thane Pet Fest invited Thane’s local Non Profit Organization specializing in Animal Welfare, Pet Owners and Animal Lovers Foundation, otherwise known as My PAL Club. PAL had its own stall for animal adoption at Thane Pet Fest, the various rescued dogs showed their friendly & ready-for-love attitude at the event and managed to steal the smiles & hearts of event goers.

Cat Registration Stall

Feline Club of India (FCI) launched a cat registration stall for the first time in Thane. Vaccination, Microchipping and Certification was conducted alongside registrations. The event gave the FCI a platform to address the cares & concerns of cat parents along with sharing tips and information.


Pet Owners and Animal Lovers Foundation, an NGO which carries out rescues operations & adoption drives for animals in Thane, and a bus driver who feeds almost 300+ stray dogs in the area, are a few notable identities who received felicitation and recognition for their public service at Thane Pet Fest.

Along with the different sections dedicated to our pets and awarding felicitation to notable interests, the event also has fun activities for pet & pet parents to participate in; Twin Fashion Walk, Pawsome Pet and Talent Hunt, etc. Our motto, ‘My Pet My Hero’ is a joyful reminder that each of our pets are unique & special and that Thane Pet Fest acknowledges and appreciates all pets.